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Admission Policy
Three distinct populations of students attend the GNFA Khalsa School: Pre-school, K-12 and Adults, Khalsa School supports and promotes equal opportunity in its admission policy. The School accepts students without regard to sex, race, color, age, marital status, religion or national origin. Each individual is admitted on the basis of academic merit and qualifications. Admission is subject to availability and adequacy of Schoolís staffing and other resources, determined solely by the Khalsa Schoolís Management Committee.

All students are required to fulfill the admissions process, which include the following:
  1. Application for Admission (Registration form)
  2. Payment of the Fees.
  3. Appropriate placement determination for new students.

Registration forms are available on the Khalsa Schoolís web site:


There are two sets of forms: (i) Under 18 years of age, and (ii) Over 18 years of age.

The appropriate form must be completed in accordance with the instructions available on the form. The completed form along with the full tuition fees must be submitted to the School volunteer assigned to handle registrations.


Khalsa School charges a nominal fee to purchase books, supplies and operational expenses. The fee amount for the year 2006 is $100.00. Fees are due at the time of registration and must be paid in full to guarantee admission. Fees may be reduced or waived on the basis of need.


Each new student is evaluated to determine the studentís current level of proficiency in Gurumukhi, Gurmat and Sikh History. Upon acceptance of the completed application, a preliminary discussion is held with the student as well as the parent(s)/guardian(s) on the studentís background, prior educational experience and interests. Subsequently, a preliminary determination is made and a teacher interviews the student. During this interview process the parent will not participate. The teacher assesses the studentís background, prior educational experience and interests. The teacher may administer an admissionís placement test to determine the studentís prior knowledge. Based on the results of the interview and or the placement test, an objective assessment of the studentís capabilities is made and the teacher will make a recommendation.

This recommendation can be to either include the student in a teacherís class or return the student to the Registration Coordinator with whom the preliminary discussions were held. Another teacher interviews the student and this process continues until a determination is made. The next teacher will review the results of the placement test if one was administered or may choose to administer a more suitable test.

Once an initial determination is made, the School provides the student (and the parent/guardian) the textbooks and other materials for the selected level. Based on the teacherís assessment in determining placement, the teacher may assign or recommend additional reading and preparation to better prepare the student for the classroom experience.

New Admission

Other admission requirements must be heeded. They are:
  1. A transcript, diploma from the previous school if applicable
  2. A current record of immunizations and vaccinations as required by Maryland law
  3. Emergency medical (insurance) and contact information, and
  4. The results of the admissionís test administered by GNFA Khalsa School.
Acceptance and proper placement in GNFA Khalsa School will be based on an evaluation of this information. Additionally, a signed annual statement of willingness to comply with the schoolís code of behavior must be on file for each student.


Your continuation as a student at GNFA Khalsa School is not automatic. Academic and other spiritual requirements must be satisfied for you to qualify for readmission each year. Former students who left GNFA Khalsa School in good standing and wish to apply again may do so by contacting the School leadership for readmission. The admission process is outlined above.

Late Admission

Student may be admitted at any time during the course of the semester. Whether the student is a new student or a returning student, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
  1. Completion of the admissionís requirements as described above.
  2. Placement of the student determined by the School in accordance with the process outlined above.
  3. Completion of make up and other assignments and exercises that are established as a condition of continuation within the negotiated schedule.
  4. Payment of an additional late admission fee of $25.00
Late admission due to travel or other abnormal conditions will not incur the late fee.

Student Identification Badge And Bag

Each enrolled student is issued a student identification (ID) badge and a Khalsa School bag. These items are issued to foster a sense of belonging and pride. Parents are requested to encourage the students to wear their ID badges and bring the bag and the books and supplies to each class. There is a fee of $ 5.00 and $ 10.00 to re-issue a student ID badge or a bag respectively.
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