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Children Programs
Kindergarten (born before Sept 30, 2010)
Elementary School
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Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)
HS Gurmat Class (Tanmit’s class for teenagers only)
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Adult Programs
Panjabi for All (Adult Class) includes:
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What kind of Record system the school maintains?
The school keeps a permanent record of each student's academic achievement. Diplomas are granted after the student has satisfied all financial obligations to the Khalsa School. All records and services are withheld from students who have any outstanding financial obligations. All student records are confidential and are maintained by the school sewadars.
What is the use of Homework Assignments?
Homework assignments are designed to help students achieve greater academic success and develop effective work habits. Parents are requested to support the student with the homework assignment in the following manner:
  • Check for homework assignment.
  • Choose a quiet place and time to complete homework.
  • Support, clarify, and motivate, BUT DO NOT DO THE HOMEWORK FOR YOUR CHILD.
  • Be wary if your child never has homework. Talk with your child's teacher(s) if the assignments are too difficult or time consuming for your child.
How Grades are calculated?
Grades are recorded based upon the following system:

25% of the total grade is computed for attendance. Regular and punctual attendance is required at all classes. The school sewadars maintain the attendance policy and records. Teachers will take attendance at the start of each class period. All matters of attendance are between the student and the school sewadars. Poor attendance will require consultation with school sewadars and possible disciplinary action. Satisfactory attendance record is a pre-requisite for a good grade.

25% of the total grade is computed for completing homework assignments.

25% of the total grade is computed for activities related to spiritual enhancement.

The "Community-life" of every student is important to your growth and development. In addition to learning Punjabi and Gurmukhi in the class, activities related to the spiritual enhancement enabled through attendance and sewa during the Gurudwara services, special projects including symposiums, competition, etc. will be considered.
25% of the total grade is computed for test grades.
How is Test grades scored?
1. "A". Scoring 91% - 100% of correct answers.
2. "B". Scoring 81% - 90% of correct answers.
3. "C". Scoring 71% - 80% of correct answers.
4. "D". Scoring 61% - 70% of correct answers.
5. "E". Scoring 0% - 60% of correct answers.
At the end of each semester, students are given an overall grade for each class that was completed. The grades are recorded as follows:
1. "A". For students who demonstrate exceptional scholarship.
2. "B". For students that exceed the required level of scholarship.
3. "C". For students that have satisfactory performance of required work.
4. "D". For students those are capable of achieving satisfactory performance with additional effort and remedial assistance.
4. "E". Failing grade. Indicates unsatisfactory work and is given if students are disrupting the classroom and causing strife, division or other characteristics that may cause another student to stumble in any way.

5. "I" Incomplete grade. Indicates a student is unable to complete the requirements of the course because of uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances must be conveyed in writing to the school sewadars immediately. If the student wishes to re-attend the Khalsa School, an evaluation with the school sewadars will determine re-admittance.

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