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Special Programs
Children Programs
Kindergarten (born before Sept 30, 2010)
Elementary School
(Grades 1 – 5)
Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)
HS Gurmat Class (Tanmit’s class for teenagers only)
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Adult Programs
Panjabi for All (Adult Class) includes:
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Sojhi Curriculum
The Sikh Research Institute, San Antonia, Texas (www.sikhri.org) through their project "Sojhi" seeks to improve the effectiveness of Sikh education by developing high standards of learning with comprehensive teaching materials. They have produced a curriculum, (befittingly titled "Sojhi" which means "insight") that is oriented around the goal of developing insight to inspire a Guru-centered life – from theology to Gurmukhi to history to Punjabi.

At this time GNFA Khalsa School has acquired the K through 5th grade curriculum which will be used in the classrooms. Each program level will carry instructions in two key segments: Boli covers the language arts, including comprehensive Punjabi and the Gurmukhi script, while Virsa encompasses theology, history, Gurmat Sangit, and personal development.

In order to adopt the Sojhi curriculum, GNFA Khalsa School will have the Sikh Research Institute train its teachers; align its classroom programs with the grade levels K through 5 used in Sojhi curriculum and deliver the instructional materials in two semesters.
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