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Special Programs
Children Programs
Kindergarten (born before Sept 30, 2010)
Elementary School
(Grades 1 – 5)
Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)
HS Gurmat Class (Tanmit’s class for teenagers only)
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Adult Programs
Panjabi for All (Adult Class) includes:
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Mission Statement
Goals And Objective
The goals and objectives of Khalsa School are consistent with the Mission Statement. They are as follows:

1. Build an educational institution offering special programs to children and adults to promote and support the mission.

2. Work in collaboration with the GNFA Gurudwara to blend the spiritual knowledge and experience with educational achievements.

3. Build a model organization that is focused on the student, promotes excellence in performance and helps parents, volunteers and all alike in satisfying each individual life mission (Vidya Vichaari Taa Parupkari).

4. Operates in harmony and peace so that all our efforts and energies enrich each Sikh life, including our own and of those we 'touch'.

5. Fulfill the reality of an exemplary 'Khalsa High School' with the support and effort of the Sikh Community that exceeds the county and state educational accreditation requirements.
Khalsa School Organization

Khalsa School is a volunteer organization initiated and operated by Sewadars (VaheGuru’s humble servants)

The figure above shows the Khalsa School organization (in the shaded area) and its relationship to the GNFA Board and its Education Committee. It also shows Khalsa School’s ties with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The Education Committee members are listed in Appendix A.
Khalsa School is organized into the committees that are responsible for its management and operations. A brief description of each committee follows:

  • Management Committee. Maintains a liaison with the GNFA Board's Education Committee and presents the affairs of the School. Certain Management Committee members who are also members of the Board's Education Committee perform this liaison function represented by the dashed line. In this manner the School and the GNFA Board are in sync with respect to promulgation of policies set by the Board to funding of the School's operations. This committee is responsible for setting the policies, procedures, and guidelines for the other functional committees described below. It manages the finances and provides financial statements The Management Committee will also be responsible for producing, developing and distributing the School's newsletter. The Management Committee members are also listed in Appendix A.

  • Sewadars Committee, Recruits, organizes and co-ordinates the School's sewadars. It is responsible for the policies and requirements for volunteering in the School’s activities including education, sports, field trips, etc. It must focus on the welfare and continued commitment of the sewadars such as presenting rewards, etc. Appendix A lists the names of the sewadars to whom we are forever indebted for their selfless sewa and support.

  • Curriculum Committee. Is responsible for the development of GNFA Khalsa School's curriculum. The curriculum must include lesson plans, teaching materials and aids, as well as any other resources that provide consistency to achieve the mission objectives across all levels of students. This committee sets the standards of student evaluation including preparation of and grading examination papers.

  • The Operations Committee. This committee performs the "front office" functions that are expected as well as required in every school. This includes day-to-day administration, coordination and implementation of the School's functions (teaching, student welfare, bulletin board, etc.).

  • Parent Teacher Association. The PTA typically serves as the voice of the Khalsa School community and representatives of the students. The PTA's activities will be coordinated with those of the Khalsa School to maintain consistency and avoid conflicts relative to objectives, goals and policies of the school. PTA will meet with the School's sewadars periodically. The agenda and meeting date, time and place will be announced in the classrooms and/or via email.

The guiding principle of the Khalsa School's volunteer organization is:

Vidya Vichaari Taa Parupkari
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